The key to beautiful and healthy plants in your aquariums come down to three things, a good substrate, a quality and sufficient lighting, and nutrients.

Many beginner aquarists would have missed the part about nutrients and wonders why their plants are dying. Nutrients are like food for plants, if deprived of it, they will die. Just like any other living thing in this world, plants also need food to survive, and that food comes in the form of fertilisers.

There are two types of nutrients that plants must have. Macronutrients are nutrients that plants consume in large quantities such as Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium. Whereas Micronutrients are nutrients that plants need in small amounts like Iron.

Plants will start to deform and/or die off when they are lacking a specific nutrient. Here we will show which nutrients are needed for different deficiencies in your aquarium plants:

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Just like the fish in your aquarium, the plants are also living things in the aquarium that requires attention and care. Keeping plants strong and healthy is beneficial to keep the ecosystem in your aquarium stable.

Plants help produce oxygen for your fish, reduce algae growth, provide protection for small fish, build a natural habitat, and improve biological and chemical filtration.

Here are some basic components for successful growth and care for your aquatic plants:

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Selamat Hari Raya to all our Muslim customers!

We hope you will have a soulful celebration and reunion with family and friends!

Don’t forget to eat all the ketupat, rendang and kuih raya while you’re at it!


This is for you!

In conjunction with this festive celebration, we will be having a mini event in our store for our customers to have fun and win attractive prizes!




  1. Spend more than RM150 in a single receipt to spin the wheel.
  2. Every RM150 in one single receipt qualifies for 1 (ONE) spin.
  3. For every spin to be accepted, the Lucky Wheel must complete at least 1 (ONE) cycle while witnessed by a Nilufar staff.
  4. Prizes scored are sctrictly non-interchangable and cannot be exchanged with cash.
  5. Spin away and have fun!

So, you have gotten yourself a few new fishes for your aquarium!

Great! But before you release them into the tank, there are steps to follow so that your fish don’t go into shock when you release them in.

This could lead to illnesses or even death for your little friends.

Here are a few simple steps to introduce your fishes into your tank:

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Does your pet scratch a lot?

Do they have skin condition and need a relief?

Do you want to pamper your pet with a relaxing and healing experience?



Our new Nano-bubble Pet Spa!

Living up to its name, our pet spa is chemical-free and uses trillions of nano-sized oxygen-rich bubbles to bring numerous benefits to your pet’s skin and soul! These nano-sized bubbles, or nano-bubbles, are 1000x smaller than regular bubbles, and they are the reason why our spa water appears to be milky. Trillions of them in clear water makes the water quietly effervescent.

These nano-bubbles are so small that they have the ability to penetrate deep into the skin’s pores, where mere shampoo and soap can’t. By laws of physics, any dirt in the pores will be naturally attracted to the negatively-charged bubbles and will be lifted away – all the while leaving behind moisture to keep their skin hydrated. By working together, these bubbles deep cleanse your pet’s coat on the tiniest level while gently giving them a relaxing effervescent sensation to chill away.

Nano-bubbles are rich in oxygen. Our spa shower generates trillions of nano-bubbles in the water, increasing the oxygen level in our bath water by up to 70% more than tap water. Due to their size, these bubbles remain suspended in the water, covering your pet’s body in a lavish cloud of oxygen. This high of an oxygen level helps to energize cells, stimulate immune system, kills bacteria, promotes healing and reduce scar marks.

As these nano-bubbles diminish in the water, they release heat energy that help maintain a warm, relaxing bath for your beloved pets. When bathwater temperatures stay warm, skin temperature will also increase evenly. This “Sauna Effect” increases cardiovascular activity and opens the skin’s pores. This accelerates the release of toxins while allowing in moisture, and also stimulates the cardiovascular system naturally – improving muscle recovery and rejuvenation.

Above the surface of our spa bath, there exist clouds of steam-like wisps. The same small particles are found in abundance around water falls, beaches and mountain streams. This is the infusion of negatively-charged ions drifting into the air – surrounding the bath at therapeutic levels. They are – the natural antidepressants. They improve the brain’s serotonin levels to help relax the mind and body, promote deep sleep, enhance recovery from tiredness, and most importantly – they contribute to feelings of well-being.

To top it all, they also fight free radicals. Yes, those positively charged ion radicals that are known to cause cancer and damage to aging skin. Around the world, the use of micro and nano bubbles in spas has helped with the improvement of skin health from eczema, psoriasis, ichthyosis and other illnesses. Take this chance to enjoy our introductory price on our Nanobubble Pet Spa on your pet’s first visit. Let them enjoy 20 relaxing minutes in our bath water and let the difference take your breath away!

Check out the video below!


Because your furry baby is worth it.


Call us at 03-7733 7469 for more information or to book a slot for your furry buddy.