It’s nearly October! For some, it means Halloween is approaching. But for us, it means the Nilufar Pet Carnival will be here!

We are super excited to invite you to the event, so that we can have all the fun together!

The Nilufar Pet Carnival is aimed to educate the public about pets in a fun way. So when you are there, prepare to have interactions with all kinds of pets and maybe face your fears with some of them! We have the cute ones, the unique ones, and also the creepy-crawlies! 

No matter what age, gender, occupation you are/have, this event is perfect for you! 


                                         Event : Nilufar Pet Carnival 2019

                                         Date : 19 & 20 October 2019

                                         Time : 11am – 7pm

                                         Venue : Ground Floor, Atria Shopping Gallery


Here are the list of activities to make you (and your kids) want to be there :


i. Petting Zoo with 30+ different kinds of pets

Experience many kinds of pets in an interactive way! You can feel them, learn about them, and you can also purchase pets that you have been thinking about (with their own starter sets) in the petting zoo!

There will be 30+ kinds of pets in the zoo, including rabbits, chinchillas, hamsters, birds, tortoises, reptiles, amphibians, and arachnids (All subject to availability) with exclusion of dogs and cats.

Entrance is FREE!



ii. Mini aviary with various kinds of birds

Intrigued by our feathered friends? Come visit our Aviary!

In the aviary, you may watch, learn and interact with various kinds of birds to your heart’s content!

Aviary birds may include parrots, budgies, finches etc.



iii. Win a 4D3N Trip to Vietnam

Spend more than RM150 in a single receipt before 20th Oct 2019 (3pm) to stand a chance to win a trip to Vietnam.

More details here.


iv. Bunny Party (Kids only)

Love bunnies? Who doesn’t! Their fluffy fur, their curious noses, and their lovable ears, they are a wonder – and a delight to play with! Have fun petting, feeding, and cuddling with them in our bunny playzone!



v. Fishing Frenzy

Inspired by the Japanese traditional game “Kingyo Sukui”, this game requires players to catch fishes using paper scoops! Challenge your mental and physical coordination and catch as many fishes as you can!

You can opt to keep the fishes you caught, but we assure you – it’s not as easy as it sounds! 

v. Fear Factor

Only the bravest will prevail! In this game, you are required to guess the name of the animals inside the box. What box, you ask?

The box, my friend, is a covered mysterious box, with a pitch-black pit in the middle of it.

You will be required to feel the creature inside and guess them. And yes, you will be timed.

So be prepared, as you will have no idea what creature is eagerly waiting for you in the darkness inside..

And remember, we have all kinds of creatures.. The furries, the slimies, the creepy-crawlies.. All of them..

Only the bravest can complete this challenge with a smile!


vi. Adopt A Duck 🐤

We will be organising an-Adopt A Duck activity on the venue. This is where you can get a rubber duckie and the proceeds will go to charity. The rubber duckie can be used as an ornament in rooms, or it can be a fun floating friend in the tub!

You can also rest better knowing that you helped fill some empty tummies and provide a comfortable sleeping place for some poor souls that day.




Other activities include :

i. Beetle Hunt
ii. Mini-talk : How to Care for Beetle Larvae
iii. 🌈 Coloring Contest
iv. Photoshoot with animals *Charity for Stray Animals
v. Sharing Session on Dog Training 🐩 (Dogs are not allowed to roam in the event space)


And more prizes worth RM5000 to be won!

Stand a chance to win when you spend more than RM150 with us!

Contest Period : 20th August 2019 – 20th October 2019


  1. Spend RM150 or more at Nilufar Pet & Aquatic. Every RM150 in a single receipt entitles you to one entry.
  2. Fill in the contest form provided by our staff, and answer 2 simple questions regarding Nilufar Pet & Aquatic. Attach your receipt as Proof of Purchase.
  3. The Lucky Draw card will then be handed to you by our staff.
  4. You may accumulate as many Lucky Draw cards as you want during the contest period. However, please keep all your cards safely.
  5. On 20 October 2019, take ALL your Lucky Draw cards and bring them to the Nilufar Pet Carnival by 3pm to finalise your entry.
  6. Attend the Nilufar Pet Carnival’s Lucky Draw segment @ 4pm to witness the on-stage live draw!


  1. Contestants MUST bring their Lucky Draw cards to the Nilufar Pet Carnival on 20 October 2019 to finalise their entry for the Discover Vietnam contest.
  2. Nilufar Pet Carnival will take place in Centre Court, Ground Floor, Atria Shopping Gallery.
  3. Contestants must finalise their entry by 3PM on said date and venue.
  4. All lucky draw cards must be inspected by Nilufar staffs and placed into the designated Lucky Draw box.
  5. The live Lucky Draw and the prize-giving ceremony will commence at 4PM on the same day.
  6. Contestants MUST be present during the ceremony. Winners who fail to show up will have their rights to the prizes revoked, and the round will be re-drawn.
  7. Winners will be asked to receive their prize on-stage (and smile for the cameras!).
  8. Representatives will be asked to show winner’s proof of identity.


  1. Every RM150 in a single receipt entitles you to ONE (1) entry. More entries, more chance to win!
  2. This contest is valid from the 20th of August until 20th of October 2019 (3PM).
  3. Employees of Junova Marketing Sdn. Bhd. and their immediate families, advertising/promotion agencies and suppliers are not permitted to participate in this contest.
  4. This contest is only open to citizens and permanent residents of Malaysia, aged 18 years and above.
  5. Winners are required to show proof of their identity (original identity card) for verification purposes upon prize redemption.
  6. Junova Marketing Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to withdraw, cancel, suspend, extend or terminate this contest earlier in whole or in part; or to vary, delete, and add to any of these terms and conditions anytime at its absolute discretion.
  7. All retail transactions executed within the contest period must be recorded by Nilufar Pets & Aquatic in order to qualify for the campaign.
  8. The following shall NOT be considered as ‘Retail Transactions’ for the purpose of this contest: a) Void or cancelled transactions, b) Disputed, fraudulent or unauthorised transactions.
  9. Contestants who fail to finalise their entry by 3PM will have their rights to participate revoked.
  10. Winners will be announced on the 20th of October 2019 at 4pm, during the lucky draw segment of Nilufar Pet Carnival.


  1. One (1) grand prize winner will get one (1) trip to Vietnam (inclusive of return flight tickets, accommodation in a minimum 3-star hotel and airport transfers) for 4 days and 3 nights.
  2. Travel insurance, and any applicable surcharges, fees and taxes shall be borne by the grand prize winner. Junova Marketing Sdn. Bhd. shall not be responsible for any applicable surcharges, fees and taxes.
  3. The grand prize winner shall be responsible to obtain the necessary visas or permits for overseas travelling at their own cost. Nilufar Pet & Aquatic shall not be responsible for obtaining the necessary visas or permits on behalf of the winner NOR shall it be liable to provide a substitute prize should the winner fails to obtain the necessary visas or permits.
  4. Nilufar Pet & Aquatic shall not be responsible for any loss, damage and/or injuries suffered by the winner and their guest during the travel (or any injuries resulting from the grand prize).
  5. Travelling period : Travelling date is arranged with the Appointed Travel Agency (except for school holidays and public holidays from the calendar).


  1. Each winner has the chance to win as many prizes as their luck goes.
  2. All prizes are presented to the winners on an “as is” basis and Nilufar Pet & Aquatic shall not be responsible however for the usability, warranty, suitability, quality and condition of the prize.
  3. All winners are responsible to collect their respective prizes on stage or as notified by Nilufar Pet & Aquatic at their own cost and time.
  4. The prizes do not include any accessories or items that are shown in any leaflets, posters or any promotional materials; and Nilufar has the right to change the colour of the prizes.
  5. Nilufar Pet & Aquatic reserves the right at any time to substitute any of the prizes in whole or in part, with another item of similar value without prior notice.
  6. All prizes are non-transferable nor exchangeable for cash, credit or any kind.
  7. All winners shall abide and be bound by any conditions/warranties that may be imposed in respect of the receipt or use of the prizes.




Get a chance to win attractive prizes when you spend more than RM150 with us!


To show our appreciation, we have started a new Mini-game for you to have a little thrill after you shop with us!

Prizes include cash vouchers, pet food samples, fish feeding experience and more!



  1. Spend more than RM150 in a single receipt to spin the wheel.
  2. Every RM150 in one single receipt qualifies for 1 (ONE) spin.
  3. For every spin to be accepted, the Lucky Wheel must complete at least 1 (ONE) cycle while witnessed by a Nilufar staff.
  4. Prizes scored are strictly non-interchangable and cannot be exchanged with cash.
  5. Spin away and have fun!

Selamat Hari Raya to all our Muslim customers!

We hope you will have a soulful celebration and reunion with family and friends!

Don’t forget to eat all the ketupat, rendang and kuih raya while you’re at it!


This is for you!

In conjunction with this festive celebration, we will be having a mini event in our store for our customers to have fun and win attractive prizes!




  1. Spend more than RM150 in a single receipt to spin the wheel.
  2. Every RM150 in one single receipt qualifies for 1 (ONE) spin.
  3. For every spin to be accepted, the Lucky Wheel must complete at least 1 (ONE) cycle while witnessed by a Nilufar staff.
  4. Prizes scored are sctrictly non-interchangable and cannot be exchanged with cash.
  5. Spin away and have fun!