Q: Do I need to join as a member before buying anything from Nilufar.com.my?

Yes, you will need to register as a member to shop in our online store. Registering as a member allows the online store to remember your personal details and your payment information, so you do not have to type in those details every time you place an order.


Q: I have a user account with Nilufar.com.my, how do I change my personal info and shipping address ?

Go to My Account page, login and you can modify your account details there.


Q: I have received a few emails from Nilufar.com.my. What are Orders Received, Orders Processed and Order Completed?

Order Received: This email informs you that Nilufar.com.my  has received your order payment and will process it as soon as possible.
Order Processed: This email confirms Nilufar.com.my  has processed your order and waiting for shipment.
Order Completed: This email confirms that Nilufar.com.my  has completed your order.


Q: Why can’t I add live animals into my cart?

Live animals are seasonal and the availability depends exclusively on our breeders. We also don’t encourage customers to buy live animals online as it is better that you pick the individuals you want directly. Please call us if you need to check an animal’s availability and if you need us to ship animals.

We are reachable at 03-7733 7469.


Q : Why do some items carry no price, therefore, can’t be added into my cart?

Items with no price do not fit into our tabulated shipping categories. These items can either be fragile, highly pressurised, oversized or others. Hence, the items need to be handled differently and the shipping rate for the item will be calculated differently by the courier services. If you really need these items shipped, please call us directly at 03-7733 7469.

Some items are only for listing and not possible to be shipped.


Q : How long do you need to process my order once I submitted it?

Order processing will be done 1-7 days after the order is placed. Courier companies will send you the item within 3 working days. We will notify you of any problems, should they occur.

If our physical stock is insufficient, we will ask you to advise us either to wait for new stocks (which usually takes approximately one week to arrive to us) or change the item.


Q : My pet’s supply is dangerously low! I need it URGENTLY!

If you need an item urgently, you may call us at 03-7733 7469 and ask us to arrange a quick delivery with Grab. The delivery fee may be higher – depending on the item and location, but you may get it within 1-2 hours.

  • Grab Delivery only available in Selangor/Klang Valley.
  • Only applicable to items that can fit into Grab riders’ green transport box.


Q : Why is my item out of stock when the catalogue says in stock?

We depend on the stocks in our physical shop quite heavily. We try to keep track of our stocks physically to update on the catalogue. However there are times when walk-in customers would buy the stock from our shop before we could set it aside for your order.

For these cases, we will inform you to replace the item with others of the same/higher value if they are interchangeable (eg. dog treats – different flavours).


Q : I have a question about Payment!

Please check our Payment Information page.


Q : I have a question about Shipping!

Please check our Shipping Information page.


Q : Can I return the item once I received it?

Please refer to our Return Policy page.