Do you have a dream aquarium you have in mind?

We can help you design and custom-make aquariums according to your vision. Be it a home or office location, you can brighten up the atmosphere with a well-designed and well-kept aquarium of fish and other marine life.  After we design your aquarium, we deliver and install it, stock it with fish, plants, corals and other aquatic life of your choice, and also provide full maintenance based on a schedule of your convenience.


We also design and plan for your pond and garden.

Other than indoor fish tanks, our aquamen are also experienced in botanic landscaping and pond construction. You can transform your garden or backyard into an oasis of lush greenery and beautifully built ponds. We will also offer free consultation, no strings attached.


Call us at 03-7733 7469 or better yet, visit our aquatic specialists in store!

Exclusively at Nilufar Pet & Aquatic, Level 2, Atria Shopping Gallery.